The campaign's goal is to show the variety, versatility and quality of products Vigor Food Service and increase the sale of products for restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops. The Summer Flavours campaign was divided into 4 segments: To start the day (focused on bakeries), to sweeten the day (focused on patisseries), for any time (focused on restaurants and coffee shops) and to finish the day (focused in restaurants and coffee shops).
Each of these moments has promotional materials (napkins holder, adhesive for packaging, display, banner and paper tray) to thematize the restaurant, confectionery or bakery from Vigor's Food Service consumers with the Summer Festival and a book with recipes created exclusively for the festival using products Vigor Food Service.

Creative Director: Sérgio Clara
Art Director: Joanna Moreira
Copywriter: Deborah Motoka
Photographer: Carol Gherardi
Agency: Mestiça Propaganda